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​Élan Winterguard Staff Team 
Michael Patton 

Executive Director & Colorguard Caption Head

Michael Patton joins Élan Youth Arts Organization as the Executive Director for Élan WInterguard. Michael is 22 years old and is from Pasadena, CA where he began his colorguard career at Marshall Fundamental High School in 2014. Michael gained lots of experience over the years marching at the World Class Mandarins Drum & Bugle Corps and the Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps. He was fortunate enough to march Diamante Winterguard and at Zoetic Winterguard where he served as the captain of the team. Michael began teaching a few local high schools in the SoCal area when he was only 18 years old and since then has really improved his skills in designing and teaching. His efforts and achievements are one to be proud of and we are excited to have him on board as our Executive Director. 
Eric Gonzalez 

Administrative Director & Educational Staff Member

Eric Gonzalez takes on the role as the Administrative Director for Élan Winterguard for the Elan Youth Arts Organization. He is 23 years old and will also be helping as an educational staff member for the Élan Winterguard. Eric has completed over 9 years of performing in the marching arts activity and is excited to be apart of this new winterguard as it hits its debut this upcoming year. Eric has been apart of a number of groups which include Pacific Crest DBC, Phantom Regiment DBC, and the Blue Devils. His winterguard experience includes Diamante Winterguard and Zoetic Winterguard. Eric teaches locally at a few high schools and has been teaching since 2018. He is thrilled to be alongside his best friend, Michael Patton, where he knows all ideas are limitless. There’s no other place to be than Élan Winterguard.
Cristian Rodriguez

Educational Staff Member 

Cristian Rodriguez is serving as one of the educational staff members at Élan Winterguard. He is 25 years old and his performing repertoire is one like no other. Cristian has been apart of some of the best colorguards in our activity, marching as a featured member at all his endeavors. Cristian was fortunate to start his career performing with PCC Honor Band, Pacific Crest DBC, and Mandarins DBC. He also was apart of Diamante Winterguard and Zoetic Winterguard. His efforts are unmatched as he just finished a season educating the Open Class Champions, Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets. Cristian has been teaching for some time and is currently the colorguard caption head at 2 schools locally in Southern California. Be sure to get immersed with all the info Cristian has to offer with Élan Winterguard.
Israel Gutierrez

Educational Staff Member 

Israel Gutierrez will be joining Élan Winterguard as an educational staff member. He is 22 years old and currently resides in his hometown of Pasadena, CA. Israel is a performer like no other, we are excited to dive deep into what he has to offer. He has marched countless of years performing at Gold DBC and Mandarins DBC. He has also been a seasoned member at Diamante Winterguard where he not only received one but two WGI medals in consecutive years. Israel has taught a few schools locally and recently worked as an educator with Malachi Independent Winterguard and this past summer at the Troopers DBC. He currently serves as the colorguard caption head for Schurr High School in Montebello, CA. His talent speaks volumes and we are excited to see his creativity flourish at Élan Winterguard.
Emmanuel Muro

Educational Staff Member 

Emannuel Muro is from Montclair, CA and is 24 years old. He will be helping out the Élan Winterguard as an educational staff member for the season. He is a proud marching member of Alchemy Independent, Mandarins DBC, and Diamante Winterguard. This past season of 2022, Emannuel was the ever glowing recipient of the WGI world class silver medal when marching with Diamante Winterguard. His hard work and talents are unmatched and the Élan Organizations are pleased to welcome him to Élan Winterguard. He has taught locally in the Southern California areas and this past summer was able to make history teaching at the Troopers DBC from Casper, Wyoming. Emannuel continues to enjoy the marching arts and we are excited to see where this journey takes him. There is never a damper on the day around Emmanuel, we are so ready for these positive vibes at Élan Winterguard.
Winterguard Staff Team
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