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GARRET LOPEZ has been involved with the marching activity for over 30 years as a

musician, color guard performer, clinician, and educator. An alumnus of Chino High

School, he performed on clarinet, baritone, oboe, and saxophone and began teaching at

his alma mater in 1997 and continued to work there as an educator for 14 years, with 12

of those years spent as visual caption head. He has worked with various other high

school programs in the region and is currently in his 13th year on staff with the Chino

Hills High School marching band and the Pacific Crest Drum Corps.


Garret marched five summers as a baritone player with the Santa Clara Vanguard from

1997-2001, winning a DCI Championship in 1999. In addition to his experiences as a

musician, he also honed his color guard skills performing with Solution Performance

Ensemble World Guard in 2001 and Fantasia World Guard in 2002, 2003, and 2006,

winning two WGI gold medals. He also was a marching member with the Sound

Machine of the Inland Empire from 1993 – 1996.


Most recently, he earned his MBA with a concentration in Healthcare I.T. and is now

working toward being accepted into a nursing program. He is a currently an employee at

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) and resides in Azusa. Garret enjoys cooking, traveling,

staying healthy, and volunteering his time to give to those in need, and is an advocate

for suicide prevention and education; helping those who struggle with their mental



Garret is excited to be part of the Elan instructional staff and is looking forward to a

season of growth and learning.

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