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Marco Cabrera is a bass drum instructor from Southern California. He attended Rubidoux High School from 2011-2015. From 2015-2017, Marco was a part of Élan percussion helping shape and grow into what it is today. Marco’s other marching experience include: Watchmen drum and bugle Corp 2014, Impulse drum and bugle Corp 2016, Pow Percussion 2018, 2019, and Oregon Crusaders in 2018.


He has worked with multiple ensembles during his time marching and after. Currently, he is the bass drum instructor at Cathedral City high school, Palm Desert high school, and the Battery Caption head at Alhambra high school. 


Currently Marco Lives in Rubidoux, CA. In his spare time he’s a variety content creator streaming first person shooters, adventure games, and more. 


Marco is excited to be back at Élan for the second year teaching where it all started for him. He is proud to be contributing to a monumental year for Élan percussion.

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