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The ÉLAN YOUTH ARTS organization and its performance ensembles are committed to the safety and well-being of every member, staff, and volunteer. It is with highest priority that safety procedures be implemented in order to maintain a standard of protocols to avoid and prevent injuries in any form to all individuals involved with the Élan Youth Arts organization.


As such, Élan Youth Arts’ policy and procedural development can be observed by the following implementations:

  • Member and Staff Handbooks on organizational policies and procedures

  • Internal training sessions on policies and procedures for all staff members

  • External preventative training for all staff members

  • Background checks for all staff members 

  • Open observance of local, state, and federal laws

  • Whistleblowing process to report, review, and act on non-compliance 

  • Annual and regular review of policies, procedures, and performance in contrast to outlined regulations

  • Implementation of a Safety & Compliance Officer to oversee, maintain, and execute procedures and policies


The objective set forth by the Élan Youth Arts organization is to have the systems and culture in place that proactively identifies any potential issues and enables students, staff, and volunteers a clear means to communicate concerns and have them resolved, at no detriment to the reporting individual. The Élan Youth Arts organization also recognizes personal preference of individuals to report issues confidentially or anonymously, which will be respected and observed by the organization.


To report an issue confidentially or anonymously regarding potential or enacted violation(s) of policy, law, or governance of the Élan Youth Arts organization, please contact any of the following individuals, or use the following form:

Please note that any observation(s) of local, state, or federal laws being violated must be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency, immediately! As an organization based in education with the potential of membership being comprised of minors, the governing Board and staff members of Élan Youth Arts abide by Mandated Reporting procedures. Any reported incident(s) involving the abuse or endangerment of a minor, or a violation of local, state, or federal law(s) WILL be reported immediately to law enforcement.


Upon receipt of a submitted report through this system, the information will be handled immediately by the governing Board of the Élan Youth Arts organization. Once the reported incident/matter has been thoroughly assessed and discussed by the governing Board, appropriate action(s) and steps will be taken in accordance to;

  • Internal organizational compliance

  • External organizational compliance (extended to activity partners and governing bodies)

  • Local, State, and Federal law(s)

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