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Purple Smoke

The Élan Youth Arts Organization is based in Covina, CA, and was founded in 2013.  As its flagship ensemble, Élan Percussion is an indoor percussion ensemble that provides a source of music education and performance opportunities in Southern California. This season, we are looking to grow and expand the reach of the ensemble, and with the help of our talented design team and dedicated instructional staff we have expanded our initial goal. In 2022, we debuted Élan Winterguard for the 2023 season. We serve not to only educate our own performers but to push the limits of our art. With the addition of this new ensemble we are excited to reach other goals for this organization and we are pleased to welcome a team that will care for this ensemble wholeheartedly. It is a phenomenal year for Élan Winterguard and we advise you to keep an eye out for the commotion they will be bringing. 

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